How a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker can help you.

Professional pet sitters and dog walkers provide pet care services in the pet's own home. Your personal pet care provider arrives at your home to exercise and play with your pets, walk dogs, provide fresh food and water. Additional services can include security checks of your home, bringing in newspapers, mail, and watering plants.

Services usually include 20-30 minute visits, one or more times a day, as needed by your pets. Additional services may include staying overnight at your home with your pets, administering medications, providing special care for senior or young animals, and specialized care for reptiles, birds, exotic pets, farm animals, and horses.

Many pet sitters are insured and bonded, and belong to one of the major professional pet sitting trade organizations.

Pet sitters and dog walkers provide personalized services for your pets that offer a wonderful alternative to kennels and boarding. And, with our increasingly hectic lifestyles, you can provide your pet with exercise, potty breaks, and companionship when your day gets long due to meetings, emergencies, or other setbacks with your time. It's good to know you can call on your dependable pet care professional!


What is Dog Daycare, and is it right for your dog?

The main objective of dog daycare is to provide a safe, fun, and healthy environment for your dog where play, exercise, and interaction with other dogs and people is facilitated. A daycare can provide toys, yards, play areas (indoor and outdoor), for supervised group play according to dog size, temperment, and age. If your dog is lonely, high energy, or just plain bored, daycare is a wonderful solution for your pooch.

Daycare is not for all dogs. There are guidelines to follow and your dog must be friendly toward other dogs and people. Dogs must not be overly timid or fearful, nor should they be aggressively protective of food, toys, or attention in order to be allowed to participate at most daycares.

In addition, dogs need to be in good health and will require proof of recent vaccinations which may include distemper, parvovirus, rabies, para influenza, and bordatella (and possibly others). Most daycares will require spay or neuter of your pet. Check with your local dog daycare centers for their specific requirements. Also ask about special services that might be available, such as overnight boarding, administering medications, and accommodations for younger, older, or special needs pets.

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